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Sweet Abduction Template

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Photoon Photo Gallery

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Free and premium joomla!® slideshow and gallery modules.

If you want to download free modules or templates or learn some tips, tricks and read good advices for Joomla!® 1.5 & 1.7 then you came to the right place. We are not a big company, but will are willing to try to obtain a high class selection of modules and templates for your use. And if you like what you see, you are welcome to link back to us. Our main focus is on photo gallery modules, slideshow modules and other image viewers for designers, photographers and regular web sites.

Try the templates before you buy!

We recommend that you download the light and free versions of the modules and templates and see if it fits your web site, blog or home page before you buy our products. This way you will be able to test the product "live". And if it works great, just come back and buy the premium version of the module or template. Better for you, good for us.

What are we currently working on?

Well, first of all we are working on some more templates for you. We will put them up as soon as they are finished. And we also trying to build up a library of good joomla sites. Joomla sites that looks good. So if you are working on a nice site you would like to show the world, send us an mail with a link and we put it up here.

Premium Templates for Joomla!®

We are also working on premium versions of the templates. These versions will have extra options and functions. And these versions will not include any backlink to

Photoo Premium Template

joomla photo template

joomla 1.5 slideshow

We are now proud to present our latest photo template: The Photoo Template!
Just click on one of the images to see the demo of this highly customizable joomla template, specially made for photographers and artist.


Eqologica Template

Eqologica joomla template

joomla 1.5 slideshowThis is our natural next step to the popular "Little Green World" template. It takes the green in joomla a step forward. A perfect template if your website is in the green or ecological field, either it is a coffee bar or a blog. Eqologica is inspired by the green wave that is spreading around our blue pearl called Earth. The demo site of this template includes the GoboSlide-module in the bottom, a module that you can download here at for free. The paintings on the demo page are made by Levente Peterffy and you can watch more of his works here.


Sweet Abduction Template

Sweet Abduction joomla template
joomla 1.5 slideshowA highly customizable template where fonts and every color can be changed. Includes the GoboSlide-slideshow. Very easy to use and customizable. Clean, lightweight and slick design. Works for webpages of any size.

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Mediea Prime Template

Mediea prime template
joomla 1.5 slideshowA highly customizable template where fonts and every color can be changed. Very easy to use and customizable. Clean, lightweight and slick design. Works for webpages of any size.

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Simplicity Template
Simplicity template
joomla 1.5 slideshowA slick template for a small size site. Very easy to used and customizable. Clean, lightweight and slick design.
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SEO - Header tags in article title

Heading tags in article title.

Joomla has an disadvantage and it is a seo problem. There is no way to add a <h1>, <h2> or other heading tag to the article titles strait out of the box. This can be achived throw a plug in called "Add header tags to article titles". The title of this plug-in is bullet proof and it do exactly what it says.

You can find this nice plugin here.
You should also read this book on Search Engine Optimizing.

Photoo Template


Slideshow Module

Joomla slideshow module

Photo Gallery Component

Joomla photo gallery component

Sweet Abduction

Joomla template Sweet Abduction with Slideshow


Joomla template Eqologica

Media Prime

Joomla template Media Prime with slideshow

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